Pulmonary Function Tests: What Are They & When Do You Need Them?

Pulmonary Function Tests: What Are They & When Do You Need Them?

As a type of lung test, a pulmonary function test is a set of non-invasive tests designed to identify and diagnose lung disorders. This is one of the offerings at a medical clinic in Rosenberg, Texas meant to help the public be more aware of their lung health.

Pulmonary Testing: What Does It Measure?

Disorders pertaining to air movement in the lungs can be in two types – restrictive and obtrusive. The test is done in two methods – spirometry and plethysmography. And in a gist, pulmonary function tests seek to identify these two problems by measuring the lung’s rate of flow, volume, gas exchange, and capacity. For many companies, pulmonary testing is done regularly to uphold workers’ health. Hence, this also forms part of the packages offered by practitioners of occupational medicine in Richmond TX.

When Is It Recommended to Undergo Pulmonary Testing?

A pulmonary test could be done as part of an annual checkup. Doctors could also recommend this as part of on-going medical care in Richmond TX. This test can help determine if a person has chronic bronchitis, lung fibrosis, asthma, asbestosis, lung cancer, or other respiratory health problems.

Inconvenience aside, disruptions to normal breathing could mean more serious lung problems. This is the reason a pulmonary function test is essential, be it for on-going annual healthcare or a one-time diagnosis. Good thing you can avail of this at an affordable rate at Royal Urgent Care, a medical clinic in Richmond Texas that has been advocating and providing world-class and affordable healthcare and medical services.

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