Fast Facts on Sinus Infections

Fast Facts on Sinus Infections

Also known as sinusitis, sinus infections refers to the swelling of the air cavities in the bones surrounding your eyes and nose. When drainage sites for sinuses get blocked, they become filled with mucus. Seeing your healthcare provider at a medical clinic in Rosenberg, Texas, may become necessary since this can cause you to feel pressure and pain.

For a lot of patients at Royal Urgent Care, sinus infections are normally divided into different classifications based on the length of time that they have endured an infection. For instance, those who have been exhibiting symptoms for less than a month are often diagnosed by their healthcare providers with acute sinusitis. On the other hand, it is typical for patients with subacute sinusitis to have suffered symptoms for about one to three months.

Nasal congestion, headache, fever, as well as feeling facial pain and pressure in the involved sinuses, are just a few of the symptoms that are often linked to acute and subacute sinusitis. Other indicators include cough, colored nasal discharge, bad breath, bad taste, fatigue, tooth pain, ear pain, ear pressure, and a decreased sense of smell and sensation. While viral sinus infections tend to improve without needing treatment, people with acute bacterial sinus infections may experience symptoms for more than ten days or may suffer from severe symptoms. During these instances, it is recommended that they see their doctors for quality medical care in Richmond, Texas.

Should you have additional concerns regarding sinus infections or other health-related issues in general, don’t think twice about getting in touch with us. We also provide a wide variety of services in the field of occupational medicine in Richmond, Texas, for your convenience.

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