Do Your Kids Have Sore Throat?

Do Your Kids Have Sore Throat?

When children have a sore throat, the first thing that immediately comes to the minds of most parents at a medical clinic in Rosenberg, Texas, is that the former is having strep throat. But in all reality, several factors can give rise to your kids having a sore throat. For instance, viral throat infections, colds, allergies, and even reflux can cause a sore throat.

Recognizing the symptoms of a sore throat in your children can help you and your urgent care providers at Royal Urgent Care, ascertain its possible causes. For children with viral throat infections, they might experience coughing, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, and have a pink eye, a hoarse voice, or a runny nose. On the other hand, children with strep throat will often exhibit the classic symptoms of fever, pain when swallowing, and swollen lymph nodes, among others.

But if it still seems like a challenge to determine the root cause of your kids’ sore throat even after visiting their providers of medical care in Richmond, Texas, there’s no need to beat yourselves up. Their pediatricians will most likely do a strep test to determine if strep has anything to do with the sore throat. If a strep infection is found to be the culprit behind the soreness, they can easily prescribe some antibiotics for its treatment.

Don’t hesitate to avail of occupational medicine in Richmond, Texas to help your kids manage their sore throats. Our health and wellness services are designed to help you take better control of your health. Feel free to browse through our website or to get in touch.

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