Patient Reviews

Medical Care Patient Reviews in Richmond, Texas

We openly share patient’s feedback and comments as we receive after each interaction. On rare occasions, we edit words or comments that are not appropriate for minors to read. These findings help us continue to provide the quality urgent care services our patient’s deserves, as well as make improvements where we can.

“I visited royal urgent clinic last week with flu like symptoms. The service was great along with professional/friendly staff. Facility was clean with lot of amenities like coffee and TV. I would recommend the clinic to everyone in Rosenberg/Richmond area”

“Fast Service”

“Excellent Experience”

“Works well with kids”

“Thanks for seeing me so quickly. My doctors hours are very inconvenient to teachers’ schedule. This is much more convenient”

“The staff was excellent…will come back again”

“Excellent care & service”

“Very Professional”

“The doctor was friendly, down to earth yet straight to the point”

“Great facility…will recommend”

“Thanks for being so prompt”

“Fabulous office, great staff, outstanding doctor”

“The office staff & doctor were great. First time visit was very impressionable. Great service, great hospitality. Loved it ! I would recommend coming here to anyone. Better service than regular doctor…will be back”

“Very helpful, nice, clean and fast”

“My daughter stated This is the nicest doctors office I have ever been in….those are nicest people I have ever seen”

“Quick and easy…very friendly”

“Super fast and very nice staff”

“This office was very convenient and very affordable”

“We are glad to find this facility”

“Good bedside manners”

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