Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine in Rosenberg, Texas

Royal Urgent Care, a medical clinic in Rosenberg, Texas, provides a wide variety of occupational health services including (but not limited to) Physicals, Wellness Services, Initial injury treatments, TB Testing, and Alcohol & Drug Screening

Royal Urgent Care, being an urgent care provider, will provide initial treatment for injuries during all open hours. However, we will advise the company supervisor to take their injured employee to the Hospital ER or Sub-Specialist Doctor when the injury is beyond the scope of Royal Urgent Care or otherwise medically necessary.

Injuries & Sick Visits

  • Level 1 – Physician Consultation & Prescription
  • Level 2 – Physician Consultation & Prescription + X-Ray and/or Stitches


  • Breathe Alcohol Testing (dot & non-dot)
  • Rapid Drug Screen (Basic 5 Panel & Comprehensive 11 Penal)
  • Further testing for all positive drug screening
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Vision Screening
  • TB Skin Test
  • Lung function test (spirometry)


  • Flu Shot
  • Tetanus (TD)
  • DOT Physicals